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We are Chicago Enlightened!


The world around you is not what it seems. We seek to embrace and harness the power of Exotic Matter that is among the world. It is your calling to help us, the Enlightened, to make the world a better place and help in a greater cause.

Welcome, friend, to the Enlightened.

In a world of uncertainty, fear and intolerance, it is up to us to create a brighter future. It is with hope, creativity, and forward-thinking that we will accomplish amazing things. Together, we can shape our destiny!

There are two factions in the world of Ingress: The Enlightened and the Resistance. Those who resist are choosing to ignore the possibility of a better future through XM research. By joining us, the Enlightened, you receive access to the very best in game strategy and organization as well as a great group of people to socialize with at our numerous events.

Join the Chicago Enlightened. Join us for a better future.